Is your home running over with clutter? What about the garage? Do you have to squeeze in and out because of clutter?

If that is true, then what you need is a big yard sale. Gather up all the clutter that you really have no use for. Get the family to help and take it all outside for a yard sale. You might ask a neighbor or two to join you.

The larger the sale, the larger the crowd and money in your pocket.

Clutter for Cash

The cold winter months are over. People are out enjoying the cooler weather before the heat of summer. Now is the perfect time to have a yard sale and turn your clutter into cash. It’s easier than you think.

Summer is almost  here and the weather is still cool and pleasant. It’s time to gather up all your clutter for a yard sale. It is all the better if you can get a neighbor or three to join with you and have a huge neighbor hood sale.
The larger your sale is the more interest it will attract. Place an add in the local newspaper and tack up signs on electric and telephones poles in the neighborhood if it is allowed. Just be sure to remove them after your yard sale.
If not get small pointed pieces of wood at your Home Depot and tack your sign to that and push it into the ground. Try to get tables and shelves to set your merchandise on as it has been proven that people buy more if they can view it from higher up.

Everybody loves free items so pick a group of items you do not want back in the house, place them in a large box marked “free” where passing cars can see it. The sign will attract people who would not other wise stop. Once they are on your lawn they are apt to look- and buy, according to

You can price your items 25% more than you expect to get and display a sign that says “negotiable” that will give people room to dicker. People who go to yard sales love a challenge.

In most places recent electronics go for a quarter to a third of their original price; paper backs from 25 to 50 cents, hard backs 50 cent to a dollar, and record albums for $1. To save time you can group them together as-in “All albums for a $1.” Or everything on this table; 50 cents.

Target your buyers like a business would. If you have a lot of baby clothes, leave notices at your pediatrician’s office and day care center. Exercise gear; post it at the gym and weight loss centers. Also list the sale on websites such as Craig’s list.

Serve free coffee and iced tea. It doesn’t cost that much and makes folks feel welcome. And the more people in your front yard the more inviting your sale looks, the more cars that stop- the more you sell.

You will be better off having a one day sale. On Saturday surveys show more people are eager to shop yard sales. The second day is more trouble than it is worth. People who miss the first day tend to miss subsequent day assuming all the good stuff is gone.

Have a comfortable chair and be prepared to stay out in the yard all day. Have plenty of small change and bills just in case. It’s a good idea to sit up a table with your money box in front of you and any jewelry or more expensive items.

Now sell all your clutter and enjoy your spacious home with only the items you need. It will give you a feeling of freedom and lessen your stress. Try it and see if I’m steering you wrong.