WR Andre Johnson returns to Texans practice


The Texans number one receiver Andre Johnson returned to practice today. The five time Pro Bowler Johnson, is the only wide receiver Houston has on the roster with starting experience.

While it is not often that a wide receiver holds the key to a team’s success, Johnson does just that. The Texans should be a lock to win the AFC South this year, but to make any progression in the playoffs; the Texans will need production from their former first round draft pick.

“I thought he looked good,” said Houston Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak. “We put a play count on him, so we’re going to do that as the week goes on. It’s about getting him going again and not expecting him to go the full board on the first day out. I thought he held up well, and we’ll move forward tomorrow.” 

["Image by The Brit_2 via Flickr"]Gary Kubiak

While Johnson is not out of the woods yet, it is a positive to see Johnson back on the practice field again. The question now becomes, when will we see Johnson on the playing field again?

Coach Kubiak, wasn’t as forward with information on whether or not Johnson will play Saturday in the Texans preseason opener against the Carolina Panthers. “I don’t know. We’ll sit down and talk about all that probably Thursday. So I don’t know.”

Johnson is happy to be getting back to playing football, “It felt good. It’s always good to be back on the field. You don’t want to be over doing rehab while your teammates are still working, but it felt good to be back out here,” said Johnson.

Johnson’s day was a pretty light first day back, “They didn’t want me taking whole bunch of reps. They just wanted to work me in. I took probably about 20 reps today.”

Johnson missed the majority of the Texans season last year with a hamstring injury, Johnson only played in 7 games, although he caught 33 receptions in that time and had 492 yards in those games averaging over 14 yards a reception. While it would be easy for Johnson to get derailed emotionally after another injury setback, he knows he has support around him. 

["Image by The Brit_2 via Flickr"]Andre Johnson

“I was able to catch a pass on the first play. Matt (Schaub) looked at me, and it was just like riding a bike.  My teammates make it fun for me. They know I’ve been struggling and down at times, going through injuries and things like that, they’ve done a great job with keeping me upbeat.”

Hopefully Johnson will be set and ready to go in 2012, the running combination of Adrian Foster and Ben Tate will garner a lot of attention from defenses, and Johnson has that home run ability to burn a secondary who is keying in too strongly on the run. 

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